about VIA

a multi-functional playground…

Via Amsterdam

For the curious new-age traveler ready to stretch their minds. Here to connect you to the local scene. May it be in the city of in one of our fly and fresh designed communal spaces. Our aim is to help you to travel differently and discover the city in a creative way.

We are a fast-growing multi-brand company, with three products under our VIA umbrella. At all of our brands we aim to be far from the same-same. We want to help our guests travel, meet and work differently and discover life in creative new ways. A life that is a journey of discovery. We are not just a place to stay or work, we are a community and we need you to help us build this community where diversity, excitement and fun are the key components. Our mission is to create an affordable place where people can connect and have buzzing experiences.

Restaurant The Dude

You could say we are not Mr. Lebowski. We are The Dude. And The Dude abides. The Dude is a restaurant and bar where you can feel like the true dudeness you are. Haute cuisine is nice and all, but we feel it's time to enjoy good food, rich in flavor and simply said; the food you crave. True to our city life philosophy we serve all day and late night. The restaurant and bar is the hotels social element that blends all our interests with the interesting travelers, students and locals that honor us with a visit. This makes us simply love The Dude.